Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marion Ohio has a new author! Local business man Rod Cooper who readily shares stories about local current events in Marion, will both frighten and amuse you as he reveals his daily real life experiences as a local purveyor of firearms. But Rod, for the past three years, has been harboring a secret. In his spare time he has been working on his gripping Sci-Fi novel "Goddesses of Asgard"  This adult sci-fi drama plays out in the future, rolling toward 2142. It is now available in hard bound and paperback directly from the publisher Trafford Books or at a slight discount from Amazon. Not recommended for the prudish nor children under the age of 18  This premier novel will sell out quickly, so get yours as soon as possible. If you hurry, you may be able to drop out and get Rod to sell you an autographed copy at the store, which is located at 1993 Harding Highway East in Marion, Ohio. 740-382-4998

In 2010, there is nothing about four-year-old Robert James Odom to suggest the accomplishments he will achieve in the future. In many regards, he is an average young boy from the Midwest, growing up on the shores of Lake Erie. But  
The Goddesses of Asgardas an adult, success follows him. As a brilliant young entrepreneur, he develops a financial source to build his lifelong dream, a nightclub named Asgard where supernaturally beautiful and talented hostesses charm the patrons to purchase food, drinks, and souvenirs. Robert J. Odom Investments eventually becomes the most financially powerful force in the universe. But soon, prosperity results in disaster, power results in conflict, and friendships produce enemies. It’s a world filled with conquest, politics, seduction, intimidation, religion, and miscalculation. Rioting, crime, and sex slavery are common occurrences. As the year 2142 rolls around and the three remaining races face extinction, cousins Robert J. Odom V (called Bob 5) and Desmond Jericho Rand (called DJ), believe the answers are in a time travel discovery that would involve travel to the past to influence change. The pair know they cannot directly manipulate history, but through telepathic suggestions they can persuade the humans to make different choices. But what exactly should they change?

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