Saturday, April 30, 2011


The board of Downtown Marion, Inc. has named Karen Herr as the manager for Downtown Marion.

This full-time position was created as the needs of coordinating an active slate of events and working to provide continued growth for businesses, organizations and residents have been increasing over the past few years, states a Friday press release.

Herr will be actively involved in all downtown activities, as well as aggressively pursuing a

 multi-layered approach to enliven the downtown area for the community's economic growth and revitalization.

Herr's background is in communications, public relations, media coordination and advertising. She brings organizational skills honed from working on a variety of events and projects, including as a trustee and advertising/public relations chairman of the Marion Popcorn Festival for nearly 20 years. After more than 15 years working for advertising and public relations firms, Herr opened her own consulting firm in 1999.

"My family has lived and worked in the Marion area since 1822," Herr stated "I have a love and understanding of Marion and its history, and a great enthusiasm for its growth potential ... especially in the downtown area, the heart of our city and county. I look forward to working with everyone to make our city the best that it can be."

Downtown Marion, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is the revitalization of downtown Marion as a central hub of the community to its former state of functionality, accessibility and profitability.

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